Monday, November 30, 2009


I left for Yosemite on November 22nd and returned the following Saturday.  Had fun with my son, Dean, his friend (who shall be nameless (for now)), my daughter and my two grandkids.  I hadn't been there before regardless that I lived in CA for 43 years before moving to the PNW.  I loved it... very scenic. 

 But crowded even in winter.  Tourists walking right up to the deer and having their picture taken with large horned animals.  Not my idea of the right thing to do; I like my wild animals wild.  Anyway, I'm back.

I managed to complete some borders on my BOM quilt before I left so I can actually post a picture or two.  Yay!  And I'm going to sew like crazy today.... although I do have to run to the store, which is about 14 miles away but I'll be back in plenty of time to sew.

The star blocks before I sewed the setting triangles onto the sides.

Then I made long strips by sewing the star blocks and the setting triangles together to form four long strips for all sides.

The Stars for a New Day quilt top now looks like this with the star borders sewn onto the sides.

The smaller star blocks will be sewn into strips with setting triangles for the outer border next.

But first I have to add three thin borders before I can do that.

I have a couple of small adjustments to make before I can sew on the next three border strips though.

Notice that the side border doesn't match up with the bottom border.  I think it will adjust if I make the border between the pinwheels and the stars less wide.  That's next... then three thin borders.

This quilt looks VERY scrappy to me.  Usually I like scrappy but this one isn't 'grabbing' me yet.

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