Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gettin' there

Twiddletails posted one more block.  So I did it right away so I wouldn't get behind in case 'life' happens.

I can see how nice it's going to look.  I love the colors.

I found a quilt top that I hadn't completed last year.  I don't know why I wouldn't have finished it because I don't like to have unfinished tops laying around but I'm glad it was there because it'll come in handy for one of my grandchildren.  I'm trying to accumulate four quilts before the first week of May.

The 'found' quilt is predominantly green so I'm going to sew a green border around it, then piece a backing out of various green fabrics I have on hand.  Then I can test my machine quilting skills.... yikes!!

I shouldn't be afraid; I'm sure I'll do okay... but it is kind of scary to quilt a quilt that I'm going to give away.

And here are my other greens....

Yes, they're pretty different one from the other but they seem to go together.  I'll probably make simple square blocks for the backing so it won't be too difficult to machine quilt through.

That bottom fabric has frogs on it.

My rosemary has been blooming for a few weeks now.  I've seen the birds grab the flowers and fly off with them in their beaks.  My son says they're building nests.  Scented nests!

And the sage is looking good too.  There's also red leaf lettuce and garlic growing there.  The tomato cage is awaiting a tomato plant... it's still a little early to plant a tomato yet.  The ground has to warm up more I'm told.

I may plant the tomatoes in the hanging planters again this year, although I've had little luck with growing them that way.  Guess that makes me an optimist.

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