Saturday, October 09, 2010

Art and cats

Almost forgot that it was Jaik and Jules birthdays on October 7th.  They turned 4 years old and sre still annoying little kittens.  Five o'clock this morning I woke to loud chewing noises but I was too tired to get up (went to sleep at 2am) but this morning, I found toy mice chewed up alongside my bed.  Now why couldn't they have chewed those up in another room?  But they're cute... and they do sleep a lot so only annoying at times.  I guess I'll keep them.
Jules, who loves to chew on things.  Here, he's shredding his new toy that someone brought him

Jules, looking sweet

Jaik, sleeping comfortably

New package of TP.... an example of their chewing ability
So, happy birthday boys!  Hopefully in the next few years, they'll learn not to chew up everything in sight.

SAM (Seattle Art Museum) has a Picasso exhibit which began yesterday and my son invited me to go along with he and his son, Hugo, who is 9.  So we had to leave at 5pm to get on the 5:30 ferry arriving in Seattle at 6:05.  Our reservations at SAM were for 6:20 so we thought we had plenty of time to walk the 6 or 7 blocks to SAM from the ferry dock, but it took a bit longer and we arrived there at 6:27pm.  Great paintings and lots of drawings so it was really interesting.  I've read the 3 (or is it 4?) volume biography of Picasso's life and it was nice to see his masterpieces in person.... coming directly from a museum in France.  Keep it up, SAM.... great exhibit!

After the exhibit, we stopped at the museum's restaurant, Taste, for a glass of wine for us and clementine juice and pizza for Hugo.  Picasso viewing must have made him very hungry because he ate his little pepperoni pizza along with a bit of our frites and cheese plate.  He was very polite to everyone he met (and Hugo talks to everyone) and so was a great guy to have along.  We got on the 10:05pm ferry to go home so tired Hugo was in bed by 11pm.... full of lifesavers that he bought out of a vending machine on the ferry.

I did no quilting yesterday because the Picasso invitation came so suddenly.  I have no blocks to show you... but today I'll be home all day and will make up for it.  Well, my schedule is never set in stone so I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers that I'll get some quilting done today.  Can't make promises.  lol

Happy quilting!

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