Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second iPad Case

I had visitors in town and then my birthday yesterday so I have been one busy lady.  Hope you've all been enjoying the summer too.  It's been fun... and tiring.

But the reason I'm on here posting instead of getting ready for Emerald Downs, where I'm heading off to this afternoon, is that I promised to show how to make an iPad case in more detail than my last post.  I did forget to show the sandwich but just ask if you're making one and have questions.  These cases are very sought after because they are rather expensive if you buy them online or at a store.  I'm not selling them but I would appreciate a shout-out if you make one following the instructions I'm posting.
Jaik is all ready to begin
I started by determining that I didn't have any fabric that would appeal to the people I was making this case for... so off to my LQS (local quilt shop).  I found some wonderful Australian-designed fabric and bought 1/3 yeard as well as 1/2 yard of Timtex, a stiffened material used in making purses.  That tip came from Rocks, Cats and Crafts and was instrumental in the success of this case.

 I had the fabric in my stash that I wanted to use for the interior as well as about 12 inches of thin elastic.

I only used one snap for this case, positioned in the middle and well-padded by the fabric and Timtex.

This is the Timtex.  Quite stiff but easy to work with and to sew through.  However, I used a heavy duty needle because I was sewing through many layers of fabric throughout.

So, the first thing I did was measure the outer and inner fabric with about 6 inches to fold over to put the snaps into.  About 19" L by 10.5"W.  Then I cut two pieces of Timtex the size of the iPad - one piece for the front and one piece for the back.  Mine was 7.5" by 9.5".  I then used a thin layer of quilt batting as kind of a shock absorber (in case it falls) under the Timtex.  I also cut a 2.5" by 9.5" length of Timtex for the flap where the magnetic snap was to be inserted.

I used Elmer's All-Purpose Glue in the stick form to hold everything together as I sewed a square about 2 inches from the sides and the middle fold on each side to anchor the
outside fabric, batting, Timtex and the inside lining together.  As I did this, I laid the iPad onto the sandwich to be sure I had left enough space between the front cover and back cover so it would close nicely but securely... and that the flap would fold over to enclose and hold it.

For the flap, I only tacked the sandwich together so I would have working space to put the snap on.

Sorry for the poor picture but wanted to show you how I folded the triangles to hold the iPad and inserted elastic in the corners - slightly stretched so the iPad wouldn't slide out but would be easy to insert.
 I sewed across the width of the cover as I sewed the corner triangles to provide stability to the fold area.  This is showing the flap area and how the triangles were sewed on with the raw edges out toward the edge so they would be enclosed in the binding.

I securely pinned the triangles in place and checked to be sure the iPad would slide in and out fairly easily... but not loosely.
The layers here are secured with stitching and the triangles are in place.  At this point, I inserted the snaps in the upper cover and in the flap.  No sewing was necessary because the snaps had metal bits that folded sideways to hold them in place.  I used my sharp pointed scissors to cut holes for the metal points making sure they were securely through the Timtex.  Any sharp, pointed instrument like a seam ripper would have worked too.

 I tried to line up the design so the entire pattern would show up, but those were some long, twisty snakes and it wasn't easy.  lol

So the iPad fits inside.  The flap folds nicely and I'm ready to sew on binding.

At this point, I trimmed the sides so I would have a good straight edge to sew on my binding.

This shows it open without binding.

Starting the binding.  For those of you who haven't made binding before, the instructions are on this site.  I bookmarked it because I always forget some detail.

Basically, take a piece of fabric, fold it back to the selvedge in a triangle, cut the square of fabric (20" square) then cut that in half.  Sew them back together so they are no longer a square and you have points on each end.

Draw 1 3/4" lines on the fabric.

Fold the fabric so there is a line that is not connected.  Connect the other lines and sew a seam.

It will look like this after you sew the seam.  Start cutting on the line and you will end up with many inches of bias binding fabric.

I used a 3/4" seam maker tool to fold the fabric into binding.  I love this little thing and use it quite a bit but would like to get some other sizes too.

So, I'm pulling the fabric through and ironing the folds as it comes through.
And here it is, all sewn on.

The iPad fits in nicely and will be protected against falls now. It also stands up by folding the flap inward and the back down into a triangle.  It works well on rough surfaces but will slide down on smooth, slippery surfaces. 

The back with the snake head positioned well.

I made this one for my grandson and granddaughter who are 10 and 12 and they liked the snake.

And here it is from the front.  Easy to make in 2 or 3 hours and much more reasonably priced than the ones in the stores.

My poor, tired Jaik.  All that watching and waiting made him sleepy.  He's worn out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iPad Case

When I brought my new iPad home, I quickly realized how unprotected it's fragile screen was and also, how slippery the back of it was to hold on to while using it.

So I googled the heck out of "iPad cases" and found numerous Kindle covers and nothing much for iPads.  I decided that I would follow the instructions on this site - Rocks, Cats & Crafts - and hope it would work.  I knew I didn't want ribbons on my case though so that would have to be changed.  Some of the things I really liked about the way that Kindle case was made were the way she made her device stand up by using Timtex, which I had never heard of.  However my local quilt shop, Esther's, had it on hand.

Closed iPad Case
Flap open

Opened flat

Standing vertically

Horizontal stand

Standing horizontally

Closed, snapped shut

I didn't take photos of the actual construction (because my camera was elsewhere) but basically I followed 'Rocks, Cats & Crafts' instructions except when it came to the ribbons.  At that point, I added a flap with magnetic snaps... and I covered the inside elastic bands with triangular pieces.

I intend to make another case for someone who has requested one so I'll take pics of the construction of that one in a few days. 

Two more blocks done!

Summer has definitely kept me busy.... this area, including Seattle, has a festival every week if not two or three per week.  To make up for the gloomy winter rain, I suppose.  Anyway it's fun to get out and listen to bands, walk and bike while the days are nice.

But I did manage to finish two blocks to begin the next row of this quilt I'm working on.  First is

Pretty straight forward block... only had to manage to line up the corners so they all met nicely.  If you click on the picture it will enlarge; click again and it will really enlarge.  Then you can see all the places where the discrepancies are, and there are a few.  You'll have to click the 'back' arrow to come back to the blog if you enlarge.  Sorry but I don't know any other way to make it work.

 Next block is...
So, here is what I've done up to this point.  Only 98 blocks to go... but I'm in no hurry.  I will stop to do other projects - birthday quilts, Hallowe'en costumes, Thanksgiving table runners and Christmas gifts etc.

Life does not stop for quilts I've found out.