Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sewing...and snow

Finally got the big block - 12 1/2 inches square - done.

Jaik helped a lot in making me take an extra day or two in getting this one done...haha.

Then, of course, there was the Golden Globes party which took a full day to get ready for.  We ate some good appetizers provided by my lovely dds and drank Prosecco with a drop of Grenadine to make it pink.  I had wanted to serve Cosmos but our state doesn't sell vodka or hard liquor on Sunday, so that was out.  I was glad though because the Prosecco was excellent.

This 6 1/2 inch block was relatively simple...half-square triangles around the middle red square, then white background squares at each corner.

And there they are...five of the first round. Six more blocks have been posted on the website so I'll start on those next.  I can see four places where I could do redwork embroidery in the center of three blocks.

But first, I have to appliqué four hearts onto background fabric.  I got one heart done with 3 left to go...for the sixth block in the first series of blocks.

Almost three inches of snow...on an island that seldom sees any.  This all fell in only a few hours.  I looked outside at 3am and it was dry as a stone out there.  When I got up at 9am (lazy sleeper-in that I am), there it was.

Even the suet for the birds had a pile of snow on the top! No lack of birds though. I made sure the kitties stayed in so the birdies could eat as much suet as they wanted.

Drive safely if you're on a snowy road today...and if you're not, have fun making snow angels!

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