Sunday, January 08, 2012

Six Rows, 60 Blocks Done

Completed block #60 on my yellow quilt.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a 7-inch block instead of the 6.5-inch block it was supposed to be but with all the points on the sides, I couldn't cut it down without losing the look it is supposed to have.  I was really careful to make the seams 1/4-inch (even marked the seam allowance on my sewing machine bed) but in spite of that, the block is big.

This block could have been made more quickly and, I think, more accurately with strip piecing.  The problem is in recognizing where it could be used instead of cutting individual small pieces, then sewing them together.  Now I see that the four corners should have been strip-pieced and maybe the block would have been the right size. 

Blue tape to mark 1/4-inch seam allowance

 Six rows, 60 blocks...many, many more to go.  I'll be starting on a red and white quilt but will still do at least one more row of blocks for this quilt as well.
 I bought 3 yards of Chinese Red Kona fabric for the 'Just Takes 2' red and white quilt.  Guess I should wash the fabric first, huh?  I generally don't do that but who wants to take a chance on the red running after the quilt is finished?  Not me!

I have about 6 yards left on my roll of muslin so I'll be using that for the white part of this quilt.  There will be some redwork on this quilt also.  I'm excited to see how it will turn out.
First block for Just Takes 2

The instructions give you the first 6 blocks to do.  In April the next 6 blocks will be made available.

Just my speed!  At my own pace.

Oops!  Maybe I won't be starting that first red block today.

Jaik decided he's tired after all that work finishing up block #60.  I can wait.  Time for lunch anyway....

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