Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been a little busy but wanted to post three more blocks for the Just Takes Two quilt - the red and white one....and one more that I've almost completed for my yellow quilt.

 This block is made up of lots of half-square triangles so it was pretty simple to do.  It's cute, I think.
 This block was pretty easy to do even with the curved edges.  Probably because it is a larger size, it made it easier to sew around the curves.
 I love this little schoolhouse although it gave me a little trouble in putting it together. I haven't trimmed it up yet because I'm unsure how big it's supposed to be.  I do like the look of it and maybe it will encourage me to do that 'all house' quilt that I want to do in the future.

I love the assortment of different techniques that I'm learning by working on these quilts.

This is the block for the Jennifer Chiaverini quilt I'm doing in yellow.  I know I have to attach those curved units to the corner units but I'm dreading it.  I think I'm going to have to do them by hand.

The points were paper-pieced and took a while to do because they're so tiny but overall I'm pleased with how it's looking.  Now if only those curvy parts fit well.  Fingers crossed here.

The previous two weeks have seen a grandson's 11th birthday - he's in San Diego CA as well as an old friend's 82nd.  My dd was laid off from her job a week ago, too.  That hasn't stopped us from enjoying the Super Bowl, the Emmy's, the Grammy's, the British BAFTA awards and seeing various movies that have been nominated for the Oscars.

I didn't care much for The Artist although I recognize that it's a very different technique; it was the script I found boring.  I didn't much care for War Horse but there are few Steven Spielberg movies I've liked so I should have known not to go.  I loved Albert Nobbs with Glenn Close and Janet McTeer playing men in 19thC Ireland...really wonderful and I could see it again and enjoy it all over.  I've seen The Descendants and loved it also, but have decided not to see the movie about 9/11 with Sandra Bullock.  Doesn't sound like my kind of movie.  Same with The Iron Lady and Hugo.  I am considering seeing Hugo even though the reviews tell me I shouldn't.  We'll see.

Sad news about Whitney Houston and her sudden death.  Though she seemed to have a troubled life, I feel unable to judge anyone...not having walked in their shoes.  Her poor daughter, mother and friends who would have helped her if they could have.

Please enjoy every moment you've got... I am. ;-))

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