Sunday, March 04, 2012

Interesting Discussion

I'm reading emails on my iPad and came across this item on Craftsy's blog:

I didn't want to forget to mention it and since I do know how to post a simple link using an iPad...but not pictures, I thought it would be an ideal post while I listen to male politicians argue about women's rights on this lovely Sunday morning.

I actually was very happy when I saw blogs using the word "sewist" rather than 'sewer'. I thought "sewist" was a much superior word. However there were some other words in the comment section that maybe are more apt to what we do. Personally, I don't like to attach the word 'artist' to anything I do because I don't think of myself as an artist...fibre or otherwise ...though I do aspire to that title. And I do understand that there are some people who are definitely artistic and prove it by what they accomplish in their works and can call themselves fibre artists quite honestly.

Anyway, I just thought you might find the discussion very interesting, as I did. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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