Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can't get pictures to post.....grrrr!

Hi - the worlds worst blogger returns. I made a comment on someone's blog, clicked on my icon and voĆ­la, I realized that I had left this blog hanging more than a year ago and that a quick catchup was in order.

My dd decided that chemo treatments were killing her and is following an alternative plan from a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist. Lest you think chemo is a lifesaver as many do, my dd seems better and has had no problems to speak of...none; she has to go into SCCA to have a ct-scan in the next few weeks and it's caused some 'scanxiety'. It's a 'you gotta know' but 'you don't wanna go' kind of situation. Personally, I don't see the reason for the scan if not opting for chemo....wait until something happens, then go have it done to find out what's wrong. But don't make trouble where there's none. JMO

Jaik and Jules, my kitty brothers, both have had their health problems....Jaik lost his fight in August and I miss him so much. He was my favorite little dude even though I know that I shouldn't have favorites with pets. He had an alpha personality and I swear he could communicate what he wanted. I loved him and I love him still. RIP

I have done almost no quilting for 3 years. The quilt on my display wall when I got the call that my dd had collapsed at home was still on my wall up until last week. I said that I would finish it when she was well, and I think she is.....so I am finishing the quilt! The top is almost complete. YAY