Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Two years later.....

Yes, I know it's been longer than 2 years but close enough. This has turned into a blog for me to look back on periodically so I guess it's good to show me the progress in my life. Lots of changes have happened since 2015.

Jaik had died in August of 2015 but i still had Jules, his brother. In June 2016, I took Jules to the vet because he was chewing on his toe on his back foot. I thought he had a stone or something caught in  there. Turns out Jules had cancer and was euthanized the same day. Very traumatic for me after having cats for 9 - 10 years, then none.

Laura's ovarian cancer tumors returned with a vengeance in March of 2016 and grew so large that by June, they prevented her from eating/digesting food. She could keep a little water down but nothing more. She went into hospice care and a nurse came every week to check on her; I'm not going to go into details about hospice care but suffice it to say that I would NEVER agree to that again!! I moved into my daughter's house to look after her. On September 30th, she begged to be taken to the hospital to be "put to sleep" but she died there within hours of arriving. My poor baby! How she suffered and there was nothing I could do to help her. I have her ashes still on my mantel but intend soon to scatter them at the beach where she liked to walk her dogs. Honestly, I will never recover from watching her struggle in her last months of life.....I think of her every, single day.

Life goes on though....I adopted two kitties from our local rescue organization in January of 2017 and I get happiness from looking after them. They both have asthma and wheeze a lot. I'm not sure how long they'll be with me but they will be my last kitties. And at least they're not stuck in little cages which is where I found them. I did a good deed. Now they have my tiny apartment to roam around in and they get to go on the balcony to watch birds, which delights them.

I've been pretty depressed, not sure if it's because of the losses in my life or whether the incompetent and mean president is making me depressed. Seems like there's no good in the world any more. Hmmmph, well that's a terrible way to end this post but I'm still hopeful that something good will happen......

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Almost New Year!

So, it seems I'm a random 'whenever I think about it' kind of blogger. I've been so stressed out what with the holiday season and demands on my time. Basically, I never say no to anything. I usually think that I don't have an unlimited time left to live so I should make the most of it. Yet there's nothing I like better than my cozy armchair and a good TV movie...or interesting book!

I really must find a better blog site. When I try to pull up to post a picture all that shows up are 3 photos from 2012. Odd...and annoying!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can't get pictures to post.....grrrr!

Hi - the worlds worst blogger returns. I made a comment on someone's blog, clicked on my icon and voĆ­la, I realized that I had left this blog hanging more than a year ago and that a quick catchup was in order.

My dd decided that chemo treatments were killing her and is following an alternative plan from a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist. Lest you think chemo is a lifesaver as many do, my dd seems better and has had no problems to speak of...none; she has to go into SCCA to have a ct-scan in the next few weeks and it's caused some 'scanxiety'. It's a 'you gotta know' but 'you don't wanna go' kind of situation. Personally, I don't see the reason for the scan if not opting for chemo....wait until something happens, then go have it done to find out what's wrong. But don't make trouble where there's none. JMO

Jaik and Jules, my kitty brothers, both have had their health problems....Jaik lost his fight in August and I miss him so much. He was my favorite little dude even though I know that I shouldn't have favorites with pets. He had an alpha personality and I swear he could communicate what he wanted. I loved him and I love him still. RIP

I have done almost no quilting for 3 years. The quilt on my display wall when I got the call that my dd had collapsed at home was still on my wall up until last week. I said that I would finish it when she was well, and I think she is.....so I am finishing the quilt! The top is almost complete. YAY

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Chemo!

I've come to understand that the body becomes used to the drugs used in various chemotherapy treatments. Laura has had carbo/taxol, Tamoxifen (in pill form) and now is being treated with Doxil/Taxol. Tamoxifen didn't lower her CA125 levels nor did it stop her tumors from growing so that's why she is currently getting monthly Doxil/Taxol, hoping that it will get her back into remission. She was diagnosed with OVCa stage 4 in January 2013 and has only been off chemotherapy from September until March 2014, which sounds like a long time but her tumors were growing in January 2014 but her doctor didn't want to start chemo until March. Quality of life is very important for people being treated. Quality of life goes down when you're in treatment. Laura hasn't been able to take advantage of much 'down time' since she was diagnosed. One trip to San Francisco last September was it.

One of her brothers lives here and spends a lot of time with her. Her sister lives with her and makes sure she has no house-cleaning to do including changing bed linens & washing sheets, blankets and comforters. Both brothers, one who lives in San Diego, CA and one who lives in San Francisco, CA, have both come down to visit her with their families. Laura is particularly close to her nieces and nephews; she has no children of her own.

Laura is tired and watches tv a lot but she still goes to work 4 hours a day even though her feet are killing her because of the neuropathy. I know she loves her job and doesn't want to sit around doing nothing all day but it brings tears to my eyes to think that, as strong as she is, she may not beat this monster that is growing inside her. :'(

He's here - Zayd Jama Ambdi

I drove from my home near Seattle up to the Douglas border crossing on July 9th and on to Vancouver BC to be at the hospital for the birth of my g-grandson early on July 10, 2014. I like to be on time for everything in my life, but it know not everyone does. My daughter, my granddaughter and her husband arrived very early for the 10am scheduled C-section. My son and I arrived well before 10am and visited with Ria before she was to be wheeled into the surgical ward. Surgical because, due to complications, a hysterectomy might be necessary after the delivery. Anyway....

Tired mommy & Zayd

> 1 hour old

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm going to be a GREAT Grandmother....and I mean GREAT!

Ha ha, I probably will not be allowed within 10 feet of my new grandson after he's born on July 10, 2014. By caesarean!

Anyway, I'm making him a quilt. Not sure that I like it much so it's a work in progress! 

Is it cute? I made it with flannel - front & back, but now I'm unsure what kind of border it should have! The back is yellow flannel with little elephants on it. I quilted it 'in the ditch' but I want it to remain soft so I'm conflicted about quilting more on it, like my daughter thinks I should.

I think I'll get some more of the dark blue (elephant) and the pale blue (blocks) and do a double border then bind it in dark blue. Too boring? Well, tomorrow I'm going to do it and hope I don't have to rip anything off! I'm also going to quilt around the animals by about an inch. I'll quilt elephants onto the blocks. I'll show you when I've finished it. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Also, I got a new serger

Life goes on.

I saw an ad at Joann's website for a Brother 1034D serger. It was $230 so I bought it. I have wanted a serger for what seems like my entire life so I'm very happy!

It sat in it's box for a couple of weeks while I read the handbook. Then I watched some videos on Youtube showing how to thread it. I wasn't worried. I cut out a pattern for a pair of pants 
The fabric I'm using to make the pants. Kind of silky - nice for Spring/Summer.

and started serving....until I ran out of thread in the lower looper. 

Yikes, I had to thread that baby!

So I did it, but didn't do it right so I'll be redoing all of it tomorrow morning. Grrrr....