Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So many things to be a'feared of....

There are so many things I'm afraid of... global warming, religious freaks, people without hearts and responsibility.

I do what I can to minimize my footprint on the earth, but I do run too much water when I'm brushing my teeth and I do drive an SUV. I keep the heater turned down to 65 degrees and it's completely turned off in my bedroom.

Religion is something I have never been able to understand. Why do people sit in one place one day a week and listen to someone who knows no more than I do - they say anything they want, for instance... "you are the apple of God's eye." People believe that the Iraq war is going to end with an epic battle of good vs. evil and how crazy is that? How nuts do you have to be to believe that there's someone up in the 'heavens' (whatever that is), maybe the sky, who punishes and protects people who believe in him. Now, if this man/woman/whatever made us all, why is he only dealing with the ones who believe in him.... wouldn't he have made us all believe in him/her if that's what he wants. I don't get it and I find all religion frightening.... like the boogeyman. The Left Behind books are a good example... how do people believe that crap? It's a book!

Heartless people are pretty frightening too, but at least you can stay away from them... and many times they don't want anything from you either... or maybe they want everything from you so they're very recognizable. These are the people who speed through pedestrian walkways without slowing down even though someone wants to cross. They're the people who never do anything unless there's something in it for them.

Responsibility is hard for everyone but a person has to take care of things... whether they like it or not.

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