Monday, January 01, 2007

This is Jaik and Jules... my new kitties... both boys! They were born on October 7th 2006 so that makes them 12 weeks old... 13 weeks on Kevin's birthday - January 6th. They're too young for shots but those can be combined with them getting neutered at approx. 5 months old. Don't want to leave it too long and have them start spraying.

I took my Christmas tree outside today so the birds could use it as a roosting place if they want. With two cats out there periodically, they might want to stay away. The red-breasted nuthatches and downy woodpecker were at the birdfeeder today but I may have frightened them away with all the activity. Jaik in particular likes to sneak up on birds and try to catch them.

Trying to undress the tree and wrap my ornaments to store them away was quite an endeavor with 'the boys'. They batted the tissue paper off the table to the floor; they fought with the Christmas tree lights both inside and out as I took them down... wound themselves up in it all... just plain had a wonderful time! This was after knocking over the leopard vase that I treasure... it was in the middle of the table on a nice white tablecloth at the time, so I had water on the table, the chair and the red oriental carpet. I worried that the red from the carpet would bleed onto the beige carpeting underneath so had to lift the rug to allow it to dry completely. Grrrrr

Oh well, it distracted them from my plants that they love to climb into and knock over. Better they lock themselves in the bathroom and have to curl up to sleep in the sink like they did the other night... haha... that taught them absolutely nothing, I'm sure. They are fearless.... or dumb, maybe!

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