Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I completed the quilt for Dean... the one with tiny pinwheels. I also completed Liza's wedding dress.... it had to be let out. grrrrrr The kitties have grown up.... they got fixed in March when they were 6 months old. It hasn't slowed them down.

Still love my place. I have a nice sewing center fixed up finally and I'm working on a Dear Jane quilt. Seventeen blocks done and 4 triangles. Sent Laura a wall hanging for her birthday and Mom a pretty pink flowered quilt for Mother's Day. I still have to finish Liza and Shawn's Double Wedding Ring and I have a UFO that needs to be quilted and sashed.... want to learn how to machine quilt so once I do that, I'll finish the quilting on it and put the binding on.

Shawn hurt his leg when he laid his bike down before the wedding. He was able to walk down the aisle though. A week ago, Kevin crashed his quad up on a mountain trail and hurt himself pretty bad... no broken bones but the quad landed on him and he's very sore with cuts and bruises. He'll be off work for 6 weeks.

Liza and Laura drove over here for my birthday in August; it was so nice to see them. Walter and Hugo were very happy to see Liza who they haven't seen for a few years. We did some shopping... ate some good food.

Life is good.

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