Sunday, April 13, 2008

12 days....

The last 12 days have been filled with trying to accomplish 'things', accompanying Laura on shopping trips/scenic trips and just plain 'catching up' times where we sit and talk. We've been to Silverdale twice - once with Richard to go to Costco for supplies and once to get fabric for sewing. Then there was our trip to the beach to walk on the logs; it was chilly although the sun was shining and Seattle gleamed in the distance over the water. Laura and I have also visited the library to check it out and also the few bars here to find a margarita on the rocks that satisfies. We've had some great Indian, Thai and Mexican food and Richard has made some great meals also.

Laura has applied for a job and is waiting to hear from them. She is also in the process of renting a small house so everything is on track so far. The house is in a grove of tall pine and spruce trees and is perfect for her cats to wander around. I don't think there are coyotes here. I've never seen or heard that there are so the kitties - all three - should be safe to wander where they will... as long as they stay off the road. Which isn't busy so shouldn't be a huge problem.

I have completed more of my Dear Jane blocks... the 4 1/2 inch blocks... and triangles that go around the edges, but it's been slow-going with Laura being here and needing support.

I will be sewing clothes for Laura... and myself... for a while. I measured myself for pants and compared my measurements to the pattern and now have to do the same for Laura. I have completed Laura's blouse in a fabric that was 'very reasonably priced' at Joann's. Laura didn't like it on the bolt but it looks cool sewn up; I have to buy a long zipper for the side and then it will be complete. Yay! I might make myself the same pattern - it's cute. But I want to get the pattern adjusted for pants because that's the hardest to make... to get them fitted correctly. I've sewed many pairs of pants but from a pattern that I was familiar with; patterns are all different and fit each person differently... therefore the time needed to measure and adjust.

I spent some time this morning traveling around websites to look at various fashions designers styles to get an idea whether waists are high or low now. Looks like high for 2008 but for summer, I'm making waists cut low because they're more comfortable to wear when it's hot... maybe higher for the fall/winter.

While I was sewing yesterday, the sun was shining into the living room (and fading my oriental rug) so I stopped what I was doing, cut two pieces of muslin 5 feet long, stapled them to thin sticks and hung them from the roof overhang to block the sun but not cut off the view. They looked lovely blowing in the breeze like sails and they performed exactly as intended - for shade. It felt very tropical. Laura mentioned that in the tropics, the sheer linen curtains they put up for shade are wetted down so that the breeze coming through is more cooling. That's a thought if it gets warmer here.

But today... it's overcast and cool so the sun won't be a problem. I'll be able to sew all day... no problem.

If I get tired of sewing, I can crochet a shopping bag. I love shopping bags ... just hate taking paper or plastic from the grocery store. I found a cool site with the pattern - frayed at the edges blogspot. I have left over yarn from other projects and this looks like a great project to use it up.

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