Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Laura is here!

Richard and I took the boys over to Battlepoint Park today to ride their bikes around. Walter fell and scratched his hand and stomach but seemed okay.... just a little grouchy. Richard thought he was hungry so we stopped on the way home at an Indian restaurant and had a delicious meal. Walter's attitude improved immediately so I guess he WAS hungry.

We decided that Laura needed to have kitty litter, dry food and Fancy Feasts for her kitties when she arrived so we stopped and picked up supplies. No messages from her so I assumed that she left in the morning and would arrive before eight as she had stated the previous evening. I dropped Richard and the boys off at home and left at 4:15. Two hours later he called to say that Laura was there so I drove back over there and sure enough, she had arrived. One of her kitties, Rika, had run up into the garage rafters and wouldn't come down but the other two were doing well in the library. Laura enticed Rika out of the rafters as the evening progressed.

Richard cooked the rest of the salmon and made a terrific salad to go with it. We drank champagne and some box white wine that was pretty good.

It's been very stressful for Laura over the past 10 days having to quit her job, pack up her goods and decide what to bring and what to leave behind. She said that when she drove into Richard's driveway, she broke down and cried for 10 minutes. Poor thing... she had to drive for 9 hours with 3 cats across cold, snowy roads and a major pass into Seattle.... then get on a ferry. The release of emotion must have overwhelmed her. I knew she was stressed out and now I want her to take some time and just chill.... just a few days. She's talking of getting her resumes out tomorrow but I think she should take five days or so before she does that.

I'm happy she's here. I hope things work out well for her. We'll see how it goes; I think it will be good for her.

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