Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Paranoia, election drama and sunshine

The dinner I was little afraid of went very well. Salmon and salad was the main course but there was some good wine and cheese as well as a pre-dinner cocktail... a Manhattan prepared beautifully by our host. The conversation was good. My daughter in law's mother leads an interesting life and she's a very upbeat, amusing person... so I'm sure it was not due to me or anything I did that the event went well. I arrived at six; left at nine. Perfect!

Yesterday, since the boys were out of school, we threw a bike in the back of the mini-van and headed for the bike shop to buy a bike for the 6 year old future bike rider. Found a nice green one. The salesperson was great... fitted the bike seat to H's long legs and installed the training wheels. Then we were off to Fort Ward, or what I'm going to call Bean Point since it evidently was Bean Point prior to WW1 when an armory was installed there and it's name changed. I think Bean Point sounds better than Fort Ward although maybe Mr. Ward, whoever he is, might not think so.

The boys raced each other up and down the path, then parked their bikes and went down on the beach to explore under the rocks. It was low tide so there were lots of birds shopping for dinner on the seashore, too. There are old pier posts from the beach extending out into the water and cormorants perch there with their wings open as if welcoming the breeze to dry their wings after diving into the water. At times, I've seen a white-headed eagle sitting at the end resting up or maybe watching the water for a fish to swim by.

Then it began to hail. There was a big black cloud right over top of us and even though the sky was blue, we had to leave... boys riding fast ahead of us. We headed back to Richard's to have a glass of wine, watch CNN and talk politics. Richard has such a cool head and says he's going to follow party line and try not to get involved in the 'dustup' of the candidates, which we both think is instigated by the media anyway. I am surprised at the amount of hatred directed at Senator Clinton in this race but we who root for her must prepare to be good losers and rally around the candidate if she's not chosen. If we don't, we may end up with 8 more years of the same old-same old. I hope not.

Laura is heading over this way today... at least that's what she told me last night. This move will be good for her, I think. She'll be around more people, be able to attend more events than she could back in that small town she's lived in for the last 10 years... and her friends will come visit, I'm sure. Hopefully she'll arrive by 8 o'clock tonight even though the pass has snow and is still below freezing. I hope she'll get through it during the day when it's warmer and she can see where she's going.

The forecast here is for a beautiful day.

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