Sunday, November 08, 2009

Working on the BOM quilt

This Stars for a New Day BOM quilt from The Quilt Show that I'm working on is driving me kuh-ray-zeee.  I'm so tired of making stars... big ones, little ones and finally I'm at the point where I can put the triangles on them to that they'll make a border but I had a difficult time finding the right color fabric.  The instructions call for an off-white floral on the inside tri's and a light green floral for the outside tri.  For whatever reason, I just couldn't find the right color fabric... and I dislike florals a lot so maybe that's what was annoying me.

I have star blocks everywhere... they're piled on my sewing table and laid out on my table so I will have to overcome my dislike for all things floral and get those triangle pieces on so I can attach these stars to the quilt.  But first I have to know how long the star borders are so I can determine how long and wide the inside sashing should be.

Liza has done a wonderful job hand-quilting the 'tree' quilt I made for a Christmas gift.  She's using gold and silver threads and is almost through with it.  I'll be able to post a picture in a few days.  Now if only I could talk her into hand quilting my Dear Jane quilt.  ;-))  I've got to start on that one soon.  It's been sitting waiting for a few months.  It was too hot to quilt in the summer so that was my excuse but no longer is it too hot here... been in the 50's daytime lately with rain 3 days of the week.  We even had a thunder and lightning storm a few nights ago.  Scared the kitties and they ran to hide under the bed.

My sewing area is a mess so tomorrow morning I'm going to straighten it up and start cutting fabric.  Look at this.  I can't even see the table.  I've been tossing things on it and haven't taken the time to put any of it away.  Room is needed so I can cut 11 inch squares and quarter them for the triangles.  That takes up a lot of room.

I was at my LQS yesterday and finally remembered to pick up an art quilt from a contest they held in July - yes, you read that right... July!  I'm going to take some of the beading off it, finish the quilting and possibly use it as a donation quilt.  It was fun to make but I don't know what to do with it... so off it goes.

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