Friday, February 12, 2010

Flying Geese border done!

I have the FG borders completed ... and sewn on to the quilt. 

I had lots of help (as usual) in picking color for all those flying geese.

Which was very tiring.. so a nap was in order.

I've determined while spending one solid year + working on this quilt that I don't ever want to make a Block of the Month quilt ever again.  For some reason, I just can't stand to look at a quilt on my wall for that length of time.  I have also figured out that I don't like the tedium of making lots of the same block over and over again, so no more stars will be in my future.

This picture shows only a quarter of the quilt because it is now too big for my display wall.  But as you can see, the flying geese border is done.

Now, because I hadn't completed 25 of the small stars for the final border, I am now in the process of making those so I can finish this 'baby'.

I only have 9 stars to go... then I can sew a strip to them and sew them together side by side, staggering them so that the strip is on top on one, then on the bottom of the next.  I am excited to get this last border on but because I'm so bored with making stars I only make one or two a day.  So it's not going quickly at all.

I'm thinking of making a Block of the Week quilt by Twiddletails.  I've never made a black quilt and it might be fun.  The only thing stopping me are all those pinwheels... but they are different sizes so it could be interesting.

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