Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Windy Day Today

There must be a storm coming in because the trees out front are being blown far to the left.  I called my daughter who lives 5 miles north and is always worried about trees falling on her cottage... and sure enough, the trees are bending there too.  It's a little overcast but not raining.  Quite a good day to stay in and think about what I can find to amuse myself with next.  I've come down with a cold that wakes me with a headache at night so I'm tired anyway and don't really want to go anywhere.

Yesterday I shopped and met my granddaughter and her friend at the dentist's office where she was scheduled for teeth cleaning.  She needs a filling also so she'll go back on March 30th for that.  I paid her bill so the charges wouldn't accumulate.  I really hate it when bills become huge whereas if you pay for the service at the time, no only can I get a 5% discount for paying cash but the bill stays at zero.... until next time, of course.

As I was putting away the book where I kept notes and instructions for 'the quilt that will not be mentioned', I found that I had tucked away in the back of the book some photo-copied pages from a library book with a very cute quilt on it.

I've always wanted to make a quilt with browns and tans as the main colors and though this quilt has a few other colors in it, it might fit my criteria.

I don't want to spend a year like I did on the last quilt I made so I've asked my daughter, who is good at this stuff, to figure out how I can strip quilt it.  I think it can be done but I just can't see how.

Hopefully, Liza can tell me how to put it together easily.

That high wind knocked out the power as well as the Comcast signal - internet and tv - so it's going to be a while before I can finish this post and add pictures.  Looks like no American Idol for me tonight, or blog-writing.  (Update: 8 hours later and I uploaded pictures but the cable came on too late for me to watch AI - good thing I'm not a big fan of the show)

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