Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Pear Quilt/Wallhanging is coming along nicely.  The orange flange around the edge really looks good, I think.

And I'm in the process of sewing the black binding to the back.  I started last night because it took me all day to sew on the orange flange and the black binding.  I really like the quilting.  I would never have thought of doing it that way... but I'm not an imaginative person.  I really appreciate that quilters with imaginations are so generous as to share their genius for people like me to make and enjoy... and share with our families.

Of course I had the usual assistance from Jake, who likes to make sure everything is as comfortable as can be in case he gets to lay on it in the future, which won't be happening because this little quilt is going on a wall.

But he can dream, can't he?

My daughter had an accident yesterday at work.  She was cleaning the cheese slicer (without her metal gloves) and sliced the bottom of her right index finger off.  The emergency room doctor said he wouldn't reattach it so she's going to have an oddly shaped finger from now on.

Gives me the chills to think about it.  She has a large bandage on her finger and some throbbing pain but she's back at work today.  I'm going to walk over there and see how she's doing right now.  My poor baby!

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