Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Fabric

I have shelves (5) full of fabric but had to buy more so I could do the Pinwheel Party quilt that Twiddletails is posting blocks for every week.  I'm excited to finally make a 'black' background quilt and I love the bright pinwheels.... it will be perfect for my son's kids.

I'm sending 4 quilts - all different - down to San Diego for his birthday in May.  They'll be great for him to put in his VW van for the kids to wrap up in after they get off the beach.... or they can sit on them on the sand. They spend a lot of time at the beach so they should come in handy.

I had to stop quilting on the pear wall hanging.  My daughter celebrated a birthday yesterday and it was a long day.  Her brother and sister took her over to Seattle for dinner, drinks and some jazz and they came back on the 1:35AM ferry... the last one for the night.  I picked them up so no one would have to drive after drinking.  So I didn't feel much like quilting today after my 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow, I will possibly be able to complete it so I can find a nice place to hang it.  Then... on to the Pinwheel Party quilt.  I'll have to rush to catch up on that one but it'll be fun to do it.

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