Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slowly but surely

I keep getting interrupted but slowly I've managed to do some more blocks... two to go and I'll be caught up.  I have to admit that I'm getting tired of cutting out square blocks of differing sizes in order to make half-square triangles but they're so cute in the quilt.  It more than makes up for cutting squares.

Fourth block added.. a BIG half-square triangle!

Lots of ironing to be done to make these little guys but it goes fast.  I have a cheap $9.99 iron that I found at RiteAid, I think and it works like a charm, unlike the expensive one that wouldn't steam on request.  I figured that even if this one didn't do so well for long, I could buy ten of them (or more) for the price of the $$$$ one.


Now to sew another block together and get it on the wall.  I liked this block.

And there it is... up on the wall.  It's starting to come together.

My viewing wall is an old cotton spread that I didn't really use very much so I hung it from a curtain rod that I nailed to the top of the wall and it just hangs down loosely so that I can pin blocks to it without putting pins in the wall.

It looks terrible without a quilt on it so it encourages me to be working on something all the time.  lol

Putting together the next block... getting it ready to be sewn.  This one is pretty neat, too.

And so I now have six blocks done.  I feel like I should be making these faster but honestly, it takes time to cut all those pieces out and put them together with their points meeting in the center.  I'm trying to do a credible job so that this is a learning experience for me. 

And poor Jaik.... he was worn out from watching me do all that work!  He stole Jules' favorite sleeping spot, that is until Jules noticed and kicked him out.  lol

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