Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'll be right back...

The merry month of May is when many birthdays happen, along with Mother's Day.  Five birthdays (oops, just realized that my brother's birthday is on the 11th of May also) that all require mailing of cards and gifts to various destinations - in Canada and the US.  I have been busy as a bee trying to find the right cards, the right gifts and get things in the mail on time.  As it is, I'm not sure I mailed the card to my friend, Danny, in enough time for his card to arrive but I hope so because his birthday is today!!  Happy birthday my friend of more than fifty years!

In addition to birthdays, I have been taxiing people from home to ferry and vice versa because of the weather.  Normally, folks around here are pretty hardy and don't mind a few drops of rain but yesterday it hailed - big, huge blobs of ice fell from the sky!  For a few minutes only, but still!  Five minutes earlier, it had been sunny which is why I didn't have a hat or coat on and had to borrow from my daughter so we could go shopping.  Check this sky out....

It's very overcast outside today too, but I have to go out so instead of walking, I'll be driving the minivan.  lol  So much for my exercise today.

So, this entry today is to say that "I'll be back ASAP."  Being that I'm not the most prolific blogger anyway, I'm sure that won't come as a complete surprise to anyone reading this.

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