Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I'm working on...

I have a day off from kid and kitten sitting today so thought I would show you what I'm working on... my Featherweight and also the Singer in a cabinet I found at the local thrift shop.

But first, my helper Jules, checking out the box that the Featherweight came in... to make sure I took everything out, I'm sure.

The Featherweight in all it's tiny glory.  It was born in October 1950.  It sews a beautiful stitch.  I joined a forum so I could ask questions about how to oil and lubricate it, to keep it in good running condition.

And this is the larger Singer machine in a cabinet.  I have a lot of research to do to find out what type of machine it is.  It may be an older machine than the FW is.  But it's in good condition except for the belt, which is replaceable, and sews a really nice stitchline.

So, I'll be on the internet doing research and asking lots of questions to nail down the year and model of this cabinet Singer.

It's going to be fun to sew an entire quilt on one or the other of these old machines.  I sewed my wedding dress on my mother's treadle machine... oh, how I wish I had that one now....

So that's my update about what I will be doing on this overcast morning.  :-))

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  1. I'm quite facinated by quilters using these old sewing machines. I have one but don't use it......yet. I'm sorry you didn't find the two blocks on my blog. Sure you won't have another closer look among the ten last blocks of the posting?