Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Hot to Quilt

The pacific northwest is having a heat wave and it's been going on for almost a week now.  Yesterday, I tried doing some machine quilting to finish a quilt I started before I left for CA but couldn't even get it basted without the heat getting to me.  So... no quilting for a while for me, although I am considering making some nine-patches just in case I find a use for them in the baby quilt I have to make before October.

Looks like I'll be designing my own pattern for a baby quilt because I haven't found a design I like... don't want teddy bears but maybe a small design of monkeys, whales or giraffes.  I'm only going to make it crib size for the baby's first quilt from grandma so it should make up quickly.  And I'm thinking pink because we know she's having a girl.  And there have been no suggestions as what color the first-time mama likes so it's going to be a guessing game.  Mama likes designer clothing and handbags so methinks she's going to prefer Ralph Lauren to grandma's quilts anyway.... but I'm still going to send my new little granddaughter a quilt and hope that mama likes it enough to keep it around.

The trip to bring my dd back from CA ran into a few problems... the Jeep broke down on Friday in Redding CA with my dd's possessions (sewing machine etc.)... and it wasn't worth fixing.  So, we left it there signing the pink slip over to the garage owner and went back to SF to find a new vehicle.  My son was nice enough to drive for 4 hours to retrieve us, but not all of the Jeep's contents.  Next day, he found me a Eurovan and we started off again on Sunday morning, repacked the boxes from the Jeep to the Eurovan and we drove until 11:30pm to arrive on the island.  My daughter wanted to sleep in her own bed after 2 months away and I wanted her dream to come true after all the drama with the car breakdown.

So..... I'm back.  To chickens.  To slip and slide parties with my grandsons and water balloon fights  in dd's backyard.  It's been lovely and hot.  Nice for summer .... bad for quilting.

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