Monday, October 11, 2010

Momo has arrived!

My new grand daughter was born yesterday on 10/10/2010.  Her name is Momoko, which means 'peach child' in japanese.  She is very beautiful in the pictures I've received.  My son is so happy!

So, should I drive from WA to CA to see her?  Or should I leave the happy parents alone with their peachie baby for a few weeks?  If it snows in northern CA, it will be difficult to drive through so I'm thinking about that.  I do want to visit her within the next month, but how soon is the question?

Decisions, decisions....

Update:  the parents think that the name Momoko (moe-moe-koe) will be too difficult for people in the US to pronounce so they're researching different names.  Asako (Ah-suh-koe) likes Addison.

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