Friday, October 08, 2010

Reading blogs, not blogging!

I've been doing too much running around and haven't found any time to sit down and post an entry.  Then there's the 'problem' of me spending my time reading too many of other people's blogs.  I can't help it; I find it supremely interesting to read blogs by people from other countries but also from the US.  I get caught up and forget to write anything myself.  haha  Because I don't think what I'm doing is very interesting, I suppose.

Anyway.... I found another blogger who is a member of the Dear Jane website where folks periodically post requests for assistance with quilts and 'Cindy' asked for members to send her the Hannah Lou's Hearts block (got the instructions from That Quilt blog) to put on the back of a quilt she's making for her mother.  She's making the quilt out of her recently-deceased brother's tshirts and thought the back of the quilt would look nice with pink heart blocks.  I think it will look fabulous, too, so I made one and will put it in the mail today.  Here's how I did it.

First, I traced the block pattern from the Dear Jane book onto freezer paper, cut out the hearts and used the fp pattern to audition the pink fabric I had in my stash (not much admittedly because I'm not a big fan of pink).  Then I chose the fabric that I thought looked best.






I chose #2.  The others were either too dull or the pattern was too large. 

This is the actual block from the original quilt made by Jane Stickle and it's nice, but I like the way it's been translated into 4 hearts in the pattern.

This the pattern I used to trace onto freezer paper.

Freezer paper ironed onto fabric, then the heart cut out with 1/4" seam and glued to the back

Back of the heart with 1/4" seam being folded to the back and lightly glued
Do the same treatment to all four hearts

Trace around the heart-shaped openings in the fp pattern onto the selected background, then lift fp off and apply hearts.  I basted the hearts into position so they wouldn't move during appliquéing.

Voilā .... hearts appliqued onto backing... washed, spritzed with a little sizing and ironed.

I removed the excess white fabric under the appliqued hearts leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.  Now to walk over to the post office and send it off.  I see blue skies outside but rain is forecast for the next 3 days so I'll have to choose the right time to go out.  haha

Have a good day, everyone.  Hope you all have something fun to work on.  I'll be working on my yellow quilt - Sylvia's Bridal.


  1. Pink hearts with polka dots...what could be better? Your hannah's hearts is adorable!

  2. Thank you. It was fun to make.