Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Went to CA!

Drove to Eureka CA on Friday, arrived at 11am on Saturday.  My granddaughter, M, has decided to live in that area with her new friend, A.  They are camping hippie-like and asked if we could bring them winter supplies because it's getting cold there at night, so her mother and I packed up clothing, tarps and sleeping bags and headed south.  We didn't stay long.... just a few hours but M and A seemed happy to see us and get 'stuff'.
Walking in the Avenue of the Giants
Hwy 101 lined with eucalyptus trees
Elk along Hwy 101
After assuring ourselves that 'the kids' were okay, we went a bit further on Hwy 101 to see the new baby.  She's so cute... really tiny.... and so quiet for a new baby.  But she's a preemie born 3 weeks early so she has some catching up to do.  The parents decided to keep the name Momoko.  I love the name so I'm happy.

We stayed Saturday and Sunday night and were back home Monday night at 10:30pm... so it's about a 14.5 hour drive from the Bay area to Bainbridge Island.

I began making the Sylvia's Bridal Quilt last week before I left for CA.  I completed one block each day for a total of two.   Today I got back to sewing and made one more block and am finishing up the appliqué on a fourth block.
I'm using yellow background in various shades of yellow Moda fabric and different colors from my stash to make the blocks.

 I had a difficult time choosing the right colors to use for this block.  I think I finally found some blues that look okay together.  Anyway, I'll live with it for a while and maybe do it over if I can't stand it.
Not being an expert appliqué-er, this will be good practice for me, making this quilt.  

So, it was a busy week.... but I did get some quilting done! 

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