Monday, June 06, 2011

Spring Fever (I guess)

Seems like forever... but there's just so much to be done.  Bird-watching, gardening, thrift-store shopping, birthdays, new chicks and did I mention quilting?

This is something I found in a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store which I seldom go to because it's way over in Bremerton which is quite a drive, but my dd's were heading over there and I went along too.  The label reads "This Amish doll is handmade of 100% cotton. The quilt is printed in traditional Amish colors and patterns and is lovingly quilted."

 The head is a wooden ball on a wooden neck but the body of the doll is stuffed and soft, except for the bottom part which is quite heavy and moldable so the doll stands in place very well.
 I just love her bonnet and that beautiful apron she's wearing.
 The quilt she is holding is a lovely small replica of a real quilt.
 Hand quilted as you can see from the backing.
 Isn't she lovely?!
 Look at that handwork....
... truly a work of art.  The cost of this masterpiece was so small it was obvious that the thrift shop did not know the significance of the doll to a quilter.  It was on a shelf with the children's dolls.

I'm so happy that I was able to rescue her and give her a good home.  I live so far from Amish country that it's unlikely that I would ever be fortunate enough to see one of these dolls in person.  Of course, I realize that there are probably a million of these objects all over the East coast where they are made... but that doesn't lessen it's value to me.

Oh, and I have another block to add to my 'yellow' quilt...

I paper-pieced this block in four quarters, then sewed them together to make the complete block.

I probably should have used fabric for my purples that contrasted more with each other but c'est la vie.  I might redo it when I've done more blocks but for now... it's done!

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