Friday, June 17, 2011

Twice in one day !!

Hard as it is to believe, I am actually posting twice in one day.  It doesn't make up for those times when I don't post anything for weeks but I want people to know that I do other things besides sew.

This morning I sewed, didn't complete the block but I got the pattern copied, cut out and my fabric strips cut.  Maybe tomorrow I'll finish it but for today this is it....

This is a mistake I make often.  I sew the fabric on, then when I'm trimming, I cut it off.
 This is why this particular instrument is so necessary...
So I finished only that little part of the block but it was more time and work than it looks. :-)

Yesterday, I had lunch over at my dd's and I got to check on the 7 new puppies and their mommy.... and all the other animals and people who live up there on the north part of the island.  All of 6 miles away.  Thought I would post some pictures of the luncheon and pets.

First, Sally and her pups.
 Then, one of the kitties sleeping on a carpet that was put out to air... Mr. Jones.

Then the chickies relaxing on a carpet that is also outside being aired out.  I thought it was funny to see how much 'the girls' liked perching up there.  They're curious creatures.

 Enjoying the day while Leonidas aka: Daddy, sits at my feet.
 Flowers on the table fresh from the garden.  The Mojitos were made with mint from my garden which I was happy to contribute for drinks.
After lunch, we took two of the dogs, Chubaca and Leonidas, for a walk in the park.  Lots of new smells for them as well as new dogs to meet along the way.

A pleasant day was had by all and even though the day got cloudy by the time I drove myself home, it was still nice and warm.

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