Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fourth Row Completed

So, I only have 10 more rows of 10 to go.... 100 more blocks and I can put this top together!
40 done, 100 to go
The four blocks I completed are:


I paper-pieced D-8 and D-10 and appliquéd D-9.  D-7 was traditionally pieced and it's not perfect but sewing all those curved edges wasn't easy for me.  Well, if I have to admit it, neither is paper-piecing and appliqué.... lol.  I make quilts to learn and so far every single one of them has been a learning experience for me.

One of my daughters asked me to give her a quilt... the Dear Jane quilt.  Now, I've given quilts to two of my granddaughters and one of my sons but I'm reluctant to give her that quilt for some reason.  I considered making a Dear Jane for years and years before I finally made one... and it took a long time to finish it what with all those intricate blocks and tricky triangles.  But I don't think that's why I won't give it to her.  She lives together with her older sister, who really admires the Dear Jane quilt too, and I don't feel great about giving one of them that quilt.  But eventually someone has to get it, so maybe I'll think more about it... and maybe I will give it to her.  

My oldest grandaughter and my son gave the quilts back to me that I gave to them.  Not because they didn't like them but for other complicated reasons which I'll share one day.  Not now.  So hard to give my quilts away; they're my babies.

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