Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iPad Case

When I brought my new iPad home, I quickly realized how unprotected it's fragile screen was and also, how slippery the back of it was to hold on to while using it.

So I googled the heck out of "iPad cases" and found numerous Kindle covers and nothing much for iPads.  I decided that I would follow the instructions on this site - Rocks, Cats & Crafts - and hope it would work.  I knew I didn't want ribbons on my case though so that would have to be changed.  Some of the things I really liked about the way that Kindle case was made were the way she made her device stand up by using Timtex, which I had never heard of.  However my local quilt shop, Esther's, had it on hand.

Closed iPad Case
Flap open

Opened flat

Standing vertically

Horizontal stand

Standing horizontally

Closed, snapped shut

I didn't take photos of the actual construction (because my camera was elsewhere) but basically I followed 'Rocks, Cats & Crafts' instructions except when it came to the ribbons.  At that point, I added a flap with magnetic snaps... and I covered the inside elastic bands with triangular pieces.

I intend to make another case for someone who has requested one so I'll take pics of the construction of that one in a few days. 

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