Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another birthday today

It's my middle son's birthday today.  Amazon is a lifesaver for getting gifts to loved ones on time.  I sent him 4 perfect wine glasses which I think he'll like a lot.  They've moved into their new house and now are concentrating on selling their former home and remodelling their new one.  I miss their cute little daughter and all the pool fun we had while they visited.

I also have to make a library run because our library will be closed Saturday thru Monday... arghhhh!  I just found out yesterday.

Then there is the puppy giveaway that I've been helping with... getting posters up around town and posting their cute little pictures on the Petfinders website.  They desperately need to find homes because they can't stay where they are for much longer.  Too many dogs!

I've been attempting to complete another block but something always seem to get in the way and it's taken me days to get as far as I am.
Distraction #1

 This is the middle part of the block and with no help from Jaik, it took a few hours to cut and piece together.
 This pattern from the book shows how it's supposed to look so I have to add the four corners, which will be paper-pieced.
I've copied the corner patterns onto lightweight paper and just have to start my paper-piecing.  That is, IF Jaik allows the cutting table to be used for something other than his snoozing place.

And my biggest distraction has been the fine weather we've been visited with for the past few weeks.  The weatherman is trying to make up for the cloudy Spring and early Summer we had... but too late to ripen many of the blackberries growing everywhere around here.  I try to pick and freeze bags of them so that I have some in the Fall/Winter seasons for pies and muffins etc. but looks like blueberries are going to be my go-to fruit instead of blackberries this year.

Hope you all are going to enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  I'm going to get some sewing done... I hope!

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