Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holiday Season

The time between Hallowe'en and New Years day was two months of sewing, having parties and going out for lunch with one person or another. Oh, and did I mention traveling to visit people in faraway localities? It's been a little busy here.

That doesn't mean that my sewing machine got a rest. On the contrary, it was probably busier than usual...I made/revised/helped with 3 or 4 Hallowe'en costumes, then shopped for fabric to sew up a few casual items to take to northern California for Thanksgiving and whipped up a dressy dress for dinner before Christmas. Working on 'the quilt' was put on the back burner.

Now that Christmas is over and there's no more decorating to be done and entertaining is over until New Year's Eve, my thoughts turned to blocks...blocks for the yellow quilt.  I made this one on Boxing Day...

 ....and this one today.

These blocks were added to the F row of the quilt in November.

...as was this one.

So, even though I only added five new blocks to the quilt, I feel like I've done a lot over the past couple of months.  And because I might turn these blocks 'on point', the F row may be where I stop and think about how I want to complete this quilt...but I really don't like to think of myself as a quitter.....so that may not happen and the additional 7 rows of ten might happen.  I must think about it and decide what will make me happy. ;-))

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