Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Takes 2 - block #4

The red quilt has taken up my time this week.  I have 6 blocks to finish in three months so no problem, but I've decided to get them done so I can put away the fabric and do some more blocks for the yellow quilt.

 So, here's block #1.  Fairly simple.  Make two 4-square blocks, make a circle (with 1/4 inch seam allowance) on one of the blocks and cut it out.  Appliqué it to the middle of the other block matching seams.  I like this block.
 Here is block #2.  Same size as block #1 and it, too, is an easy one.  Corners are half-square triangles with white/red 'logs' as the centre piece.  I made the top and bottom rows, then sewed them to a center block with red/white 'logs' on each end.

It went together in about an hour...including moving Jaik off the fabric as I cut.
 This block was very easy and fast to do.  Two white squares cut in half, two red squares cut in half.  All sewn to the edges of a middle white square.

Once again, moving Jaik out of the way was the biggest impediment to completing this block.  lol

There they are, on the edge of my design wall.  I'm going to have to find room for another design wall to pin them to when I start on the next 6 blocks in March.

I like the Kona Chinese Red color.
I cut out the red fabric for the 4th block but Jaik was so comfortable on the white that I let him sleep, then worked on it a little while later.  But then I needed the red again and sure enough, he had moved over to sleep there.  I think I have a cat who can read minds... whatever I want to do next, he's right there. ;-)

He's been pretty active and looks a little better so I'm hoping his diabetes has gone away.  Crossing my fingers that it's true.

I've felt like baking lately and here's Martha Stewart's Walnut Shortbread.  Delicious, even if I do say so myself!

I made Lemon Bars a few days ago and they were better than good... they were mouth-watering delicious!  I've given away most of both batches because I'll eat the whole thing if I leave them around here.  Then I'll never lose weight even with all the walking I'm doing lately.

My dd and I went to see a movie today so I'll do a movie review to end this daily log.  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy was a 4**** (stars) out of five.  I really liked it as did my daughter, who gave it 5 stars.  I think she gave it an extra star because Colin Firth was in the movie. haha

The day before, I had gone to see War Horse and was sorry I did.  I can count on one finger how many Steven Spielberg movies I've liked so I don't even know why I went to see it.  Too many unconnected stories within the main story and each one an opportunity for Spielberg to manipulate the viewers emotionally, as he is prone to do. 

I still don't know what the point of the movie was...I suppose it was that the horse lived through a war and whoever got near him was unlucky enough to lose their lives.  Lots of explosions and dead animals.  :-(  And that Gone With the Wind sunset that the homecoming was played out against was really over the top.  I don't recommend this movie.  Two stars. 

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