Friday, January 20, 2012

More rain!

We've been luckier than Seattle in getting through this latest storm.  During the summer, PSE (Puget Sound Energy) had trees trimmed way back that were close to power lines; it was annoying waiting behind all those trucks who were going slowly along doing the trimming...but well worth it.  We had no power outages.  On this island (about the size of Manhattan) there are big trees along every road so it took all summer for PSE to get the work done.

I got some sewing done over the 3 days of being locked down here.  For the JustTakes2 quilt, I completed this block
that had to be appliquéd so that was a major accomplishment last night.

Today, I worked on the first block in the next row in my yellow quilt.  It was quite a challenge with all it's insets
Inset seams

More inset seams

Jaik (with the white dot)

Jaik came up to lay on the block as I was trying to show all the inset seams in this block.  Such a good helper!

The reason that I seldom mention or show pictures of Jules, Jaik's brother, is that Jules loves to sleep and he's much too lazy to wake up and walk over to the sewing area just to have a nap.  He wakes up when he's sewing for him.

 So, here's the finished block.  Looks good I thought...until I pinned it up next to the other blocks.

Which is when I noticed that instead of using yellow as the background color, I had used the while from the JT2 quilt

That'll teach me to try to make two quilts at the same time.  Oh well, it's going to stay because it was a bit difficult...and besides, I really don't think it's going to stand out that much with all those other busy blocks around it.  Guess I'll find out when it all goes together.

 I moved some of the blocks on the design wall a bit higher so I could pin the bottom row on.  I'll move the rest of them up as I go along.  It's a big job.  haha

This is what I wore to walk over to the store yesterday.  Absolutely no worry about slipping at all...and I hardly noticed they were there on my boots.  The wine glass is there to show the last dregs of wine I had here....and why I had to go out. 
Shoe Chains
But I needed the exercise also, and it felt good to do some walking after being inside for a couple of days.  They were definitely worth the $10 or so I spent for them...for the security if nothing else.

It's now raining here and the streets are slushy.  By tomorrow, I'll be able to drive to the library if I want.  I feel so bad for those people who live where there is heavy snow throughout the winter season.  It was bad enough here for the 3 days we had to weather it.

Take care out there, people!

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