Thursday, January 26, 2012

Number 3 Started!

I'm a little disappointed that SF isn't going to be a part of the Super Bowl.  The same teams that played 4 years ago will be playing again.  Both the games on Sunday were exciting even if my teams lost.  I'm sure the Super Bowl will be great too no matter who wins...I have no favorite.  Oh, and the food was delicious...loved the tacos with homemade salsa that my dd prepared.

I have now started a third quilt although it's technically a table runner.  It will be 48x32 and made up of 1/2 square triangles.  I have no picture right now of an original but I hope it will work up something like this...
This pattern isn't originally mine but I propose to change it enough that it will be very different from the original that I saw briefly somewhere in a video.  Mine will have cats on it using this fabric that will be fussy-cut. 

I hope it won't look strange to have cats on my table, but I love the little guys.
I have only about 20 units done...four rows.
These units need to be squared up to 2 1/8", then sewn together into rows.

Jaik, for a change, was no help at all.  He slept across the cutting table.  Grrrrr.....

So, I have done no blocks for Sylvia's Bridal Quilt - the yellow quilt, and no blocks for the red and white quilt - Just Takes 2.  I did manage to get in a nice walk today through our local park over a wooden bridge across a small river and along the water by the harbor.  Which is why the park is called Harborside Park I suppose.  lol  Sun was out and blue skies prevailed...43 degrees. Perfection.

If I could only get Jaik to sleep elsewhere...

Till next time when I'll have done lots more blocks.  Happy quilting everyone!

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