Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spoke too soon

The day after praising PSE for their work in eliminating our usual power outages during snow, wind, rain and sometimes even sunshine, I spoke too soon and the power went off very early Saturday morning.  So, I got out the camp stove and boiled water to make tea and enjoy the beautiful sunny skies...windy though they were.  Power was back on in a matter of hours so no big deal.  I have to be honest though and admit that memories of our 3-day outage a few years ago was running through my mind.

So, I feel fortunate to be sitting here listening to (and watching) an interesting Tent Revival show on PBS this morning.  Though I haven't a religious bone in my body, I do appreciate the music of the people who do.  Who can resist a beautiful rendition of The Old Rugged Cross or Amazing Grace...not me.  And, come to think of it, some of my favorite art exhibitions are of the old Italian masters who painted biblical they got me there! lol

Regardless, my focus today is on football.  My dear daughters will be over in an hour or so with their big dog, Chubaca. 

The puppies will stay home; there's not enough room in my living room for 3 big dogs.  At least Chuey lays down and is quiet whereas the puppies are always on the move, so only Chubaca is invited.  First up will be the NY Giants vs. the NE Patriots, then the Baltimore Ravens will play the SF 49er's.  The only team I'll be rooting for will be the 49er's so that the west coast has some presence at the Super Bowl.

Food today will be tacos - vegetarian tacos - and though one of my dd's does eat the flesh of animals, she adheres to my beliefs when she is here...only the kitties get to eat meat.  She says she enjoys our meatless meals.  I hope she means it because the food today will be good!

I'll post some pictures (if I remember to take some.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, football or not...

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