Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two More

I decided to try to get those last five blocks completed on the Just Takes 2 Quilt (JT2).  More blocks will be posted on the first of the month...I think.

The first block was not much of a problem...at least not based on my usual screwups.  I had to take one part off and turn it around.  Not bad for me.
Ready to be sewn together

Taking off the bottom units
 I always do the individual units, then put them together in the way they will (hopefully) be sewn.

Then what I do is sew some part of the block wrong.  In this case, the bottom row had to be removed.
Completed block #7

Only took a few minutes to sew it together correctly.

Unfortunately, Jaik took that opportunity to jump up on the table and sit on the block. 
Looks just like it's supposed to

Jaik sitting on block #7

And he knows he isn't supposed to be there.  Look at the ears...he hears me telling him that I need a picture of that block.

Because that block went so well, I thought I would start on block #8.  Well, let me tell you, that one took a while.

The instructions had no size for this block so I was unsure how it was to be configured because none of the cut parts fit together...2 1/2 inch parts to be sewn to 2 inch parts.  I had never experienced anything like that before so I did it the way I thought it should have been done (or close to it).

It's a little wonky but honestly, I'm just happy it's done.  I don't know if I could say what the actual measurements should have been....like maybe the big parts that I cut down were right and maybe the small parts should have been cut larger.  Who knows?  It's a mystery quilt so I won't know how it goes together for a few more months.  Guess I'll find out then what size block #8 should have been.  lol

Watched the SAG Awards on Sunday with the 'usual suspects', had some great potstickers, egg rolls and a cake with ice cream for dessert.  It was nice.  We all commented on how predictable the choice of outfits were that were worn by the 'girls' and 'boys'.  It was mostly TV casts and that may have been the problem...too young to have the confidence and personality to carry off a truly sensational, standout ensemble. Not that they weren't all gorgeous but there wasn't much variety.  I'll be watching Fashion Police to see what Joan thought.

The evening before, I was invited to go to dinner with my DIL to celebrate her birthday; her husband (my son) and my two grandsons came along and we went to a nice, local, upscale restaurant - Hitchcock's.  Great experience.


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