Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finished another

I have finished the block that I was worried about sewing because it had curved edges.  As it turned out, when I pinned the curved corners to the pointy part, everything met up fine so I went ahead and sewed it together by machine.  So I worried for nothing.

The next block. I've never made a Bear's Paw block but I always thought they looked easy to do, but the pattern is asking me to paper piece and I'm thinking "no".

Seems to me that this block is calling out for half square triangles.  So I may not use the patterns.

I traced out the patterns but I'm not sure I 'get it' to put it all together.  Maybe, once again...I'm worrying for nothing.

Sure is time-consuming for me to try it on paper knowing that it will be reversed once the fabric is sewn together. I need to get to my quiet space so I can envision it.

Just watched the home-going church service for Whitney Houston and it was very nice and well done.  I think it was comforting to Cissy Houston for her to see the devotion paid through song to her dear daughter.  Tough to lose a child...of any age.

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