Friday, April 13, 2012

Beautiful Spring!

Hard for me to believe that it's been over a month since I posted anything, but dates don't lie. It's been a very busy month. Two of my dd's and one of my sons have had birthdays and of course...Spring has sprung some great gardening weather on us here in the Pacific Northwest. I have a beautiful red maple tree planted as well as one of my favorites...a new clematis! (have to remember to keep the roots well-watered).

And...I sewed a couple of new blocks for my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. They were not easy ones took me weeks to do. Until I found a tutorial online at ...why didn't I think of that sooner!?

This Bear Paw block was giving me extreme problems; I just couldn't figure out how to paper piece it even though I traced out the parts from the book.  They came out backward, sometimes upside down so believe me when I say I was happy as a clam to find that tute.
This block may not be perfect but it's done!

This one gave me a few problems also but it was because the block came out too big when I cut the pieces to the measurements given in the book.  Now it could be that I sewed less than a 1/4 inch seam and there are lots of seams but I couldn't just whop off the sides to make it a 6 1/2 inch block.  So that was my problem with this particular block.
Just looking at it, the problems are obvious.  But again, it may not be perfect but it's done!

Flowers are blooming.  Look at the rosemary with it's beautiful purple flowers and the lovely pink hollyhock that is flowering.

 The hummingbird tries to get nectar from the rosemary flowers but the flowers aren't set up right for him.

I intend to plant some red tubular flowers for him to suck on.  There's more than one...maybe three...but I only refer to them as 'the one'.  I can't tell them apart.

Look at this gorgeous blue sky.  The weather report says it's raining here but I'm watering the plants and waking up to sunshine most mornings.

And these were my Easter tulips, given to me by my thoughtful son.  They're still going strong but I'm going to give them to him to plant in his garden for next year.  I just love the colors.

The chickens are doing well...lots of eggs still...and lots of new chicks!  So, my dd's have gone from 6 chickens to 23 in two years.  Yikes!
My dd's love their brood.  They have two Silkie roosters so the chicks have been half Araucana and half Silky....a lovely combination.  And they lay blue eggs!  Very pretty.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a garden sale at Bloedel Gardens.  Hopefully, I'll remember to take the camera.  Enjoy your weekend!

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