Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seven rows done!

My diet has helped me lose 22 lbs. to date.  I'm happy about that because I really don't work out of walk a lot.  I should, but I don't.  So 22 is a good number....I still have 28 to go, but it will go eventually.  Because I want it to.

Jaik is not doing very well.  He's very skinny but he's hanging in there.  He still chases moths and tries to catch birds and does pretty well with the moths at least.  So he's having a good life...a cat's life.

These are the final few blocks so I've completed 7 rows of my quilt and have decided to turn them 'on point', at least on my design wall.  lol

This is a nice block with the flowers in the corners.
If you remember, I was having a problem appliq´íng this block.  My dd offered to do it for me and I was happy to accept that offer.  Thanks, Liza!

I've begun sewing the sides with a red corner block in between onto each of the blocks and I'll pin them onto my design wall to see if that's how I want it to look.
 Here's a picture of what I'm striving for... something very scrappy and quite yellow.

And this is how my sewing area looks at the moment with lots of strips and piles of blocks.

And this is how the top quarter of the 'red & white' quilt will look...should I choose to complete it.  Just kidding.... of course I'll finish it but the blocks are intricate and once again, quite time-consuming.

Why do I pick these quilts?

And this is how far I am in completing the red & white blocks.  I hope to finish it before Christmas because that's what it reminds me of.... Christmas!

My son and his family are driving from San Diego CA up to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow.  It will take them at least 3 days I think....but with 4 kids along, they may want to stop more often.  I haven't seen Martin for almost 4 years; he's married since and added a stepson and I'm looking forward to seeing the new members of our family.

Should be fun!  I'll try to get online more often to update on my quilts and other news.  Thanks for reading!

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