Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doing some quilting

OThis is not the final layout; it's only laid out on a bed top so we can visualise the entire quilt and the individual blocks. As you can see, the quilt we're making is really eclectic and bright. I like my quilts like that, but this one is for auction so I wonder if many others will like it.

You'll recognize that some of the blocks were made for a quilt I was making last year - my red and white quilt. They have been requisitioned to make this quilt which we will auction off to raise money for my dd who hasn't been able to work because of ovarian cancer. Can't tell you how much I hate the C word!

Anyway, my eldest dd is doing most of the work with some block help from friends and family. You may recognize the red and white blocks from a quilt I was making last year; I donated them to Laura's quilt. I'll post pictures when it is complete and ready for sale.

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