Monday, July 01, 2013

My Sewing Room

I sew in a very small corner of my dining room. The dining room table does double duty as a layout space as well as for eating. I just remove the flowers (or centerpiece) and it's all set.

But here's the other side where all my sewing equipment resides, and I mean everything except for my fabric stash, which resides in a cabinet in my bedroom. The room has a cubbyhole (maybe meant for a sideboard. It's 48 inches wide.

My work table (Ikea) has a side table pullout, which was probably meant for a computer but is perfect for my sewing machine as well as a small cutting mat. My display wall is an old white-ish bedspread that I stapled to the wall. It's so useful and can't imagine life without it.

My threads and pinup wall is opposite my display wall and is very crowded right now. Maybe a redesign is in order!?

Stash being worked with

Under table storage area

The featherweight stored temporarily under the dining room table

Side table cutting mat

All electricals are on a strip and when I click it off, it's all off at once.

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