Sunday, August 11, 2013

Found it!

 ....and here is the link!

I'm off to sew and hopefully finish my quilt top! Yay!  Not much in the way of instructions but enough to finish the 
top. I'm going to add sashing between the blocks anyway. I may even add some plain muslin areas too, but right 
now I sew!

......later....I've finished 12 more blocks. Now to square them up and add sashing.
So, I have two quilts on the wall now but I'm only working on the one. The other waits...for what I don't know.

The blocks kind of run together without sashing. Laura likes the colors so maybe it will be given to her when
It's done.

Jules is helping me today, laying on the fabric I've chosen for the sashing - a vibrant orange! Actually, not very 
helpful at all!

My dd was somewhat nauseous today after her Friday chemo (the very last one) but took an anti-nausea pill 
and came out to a movie with me today. We saw the new Matt Damon movie, a futuristic drama with machines 
that could cure illnesses. Oh, if only we had them in this day and ionizer to zap disease!


I started making this quilt from a pattern on my iPad. Everything was going well until I got busy with other things....and now I can't find the pattern. It's a quick quilt to make....and that's why I started it. No fussy cutting, just some wonky blocks that make the quilt top look interesting interspersed with some plain squares.  Easy, right?

If only I could remember how to make these blocks. I know that it involves stacking 9 squares, then wonky cutting them but it also involves moving different pieces of the cut block so that each block is different when done.

To lose a pattern! When your top is almost complete! How infuriating is that? Grrrr.....

Oh well, I've hunted through all of my bookmarks and don't see it so I guess I should just get on with it instead of complaining.

ps: my dd did do a final chemo and seems to be doing well, except for those numb feet.