Sunday, August 11, 2013


I started making this quilt from a pattern on my iPad. Everything was going well until I got busy with other things....and now I can't find the pattern. It's a quick quilt to make....and that's why I started it. No fussy cutting, just some wonky blocks that make the quilt top look interesting interspersed with some plain squares.  Easy, right?

If only I could remember how to make these blocks. I know that it involves stacking 9 squares, then wonky cutting them but it also involves moving different pieces of the cut block so that each block is different when done.

To lose a pattern! When your top is almost complete! How infuriating is that? Grrrr.....

Oh well, I've hunted through all of my bookmarks and don't see it so I guess I should just get on with it instead of complaining.

ps: my dd did do a final chemo and seems to be doing well, except for those numb feet. 

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