Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Chemo!

I've come to understand that the body becomes used to the drugs used in various chemotherapy treatments. Laura has had carbo/taxol, Tamoxifen (in pill form) and now is being treated with Doxil/Taxol. Tamoxifen didn't lower her CA125 levels nor did it stop her tumors from growing so that's why she is currently getting monthly Doxil/Taxol, hoping that it will get her back into remission. She was diagnosed with OVCa stage 4 in January 2013 and has only been off chemotherapy from September until March 2014, which sounds like a long time but her tumors were growing in January 2014 but her doctor didn't want to start chemo until March. Quality of life is very important for people being treated. Quality of life goes down when you're in treatment. Laura hasn't been able to take advantage of much 'down time' since she was diagnosed. One trip to San Francisco last September was it.

One of her brothers lives here and spends a lot of time with her. Her sister lives with her and makes sure she has no house-cleaning to do including changing bed linens & washing sheets, blankets and comforters. Both brothers, one who lives in San Diego, CA and one who lives in San Francisco, CA, have both come down to visit her with their families. Laura is particularly close to her nieces and nephews; she has no children of her own.

Laura is tired and watches tv a lot but she still goes to work 4 hours a day even though her feet are killing her because of the neuropathy. I know she loves her job and doesn't want to sit around doing nothing all day but it brings tears to my eyes to think that, as strong as she is, she may not beat this monster that is growing inside her. :'(

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