Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Block looks better....

When it's done right, the block looks better.  See for yourself....

The star points are illuminated by being set into the blue block. 

It previously looked like this....

See the difference?  I'm surprised that I didn't notice it until long after I pinned it up on my 'wall'.

And, yup, the Christmas bird is still hanging there.  I forgot to put it in a box when I stored the decorations away last week.  So it will most likely stay there for a long while until I put it away... I'm getting attached to it.  lol

Today, we have snow on the ground... melting fast... but I'm going to finish up another block instead of going 'oot and aboot'.  That's my canadian accent; even after 50+ years, it's still there and people call me on it often.  I've got the american spelling down good... but talking, not so much.

And I've got some books to read too.... mysteries about Jane Austen by Stephanie Barron.  But first, the block!

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