Saturday, January 08, 2011

Two More Blocks

It's been more than a few weeks since I added a block to my yellow quilt but today, I completed two of them.  Well, I started the first one yesterday but Jaik the cat decided to lay on the almost completed block and have a snooze... so I took his advice and stopped work.  But today I finished it up.

  It is the 6th block of the second row.

There was plenty of time to work on the next block.
Though I wasn't certain that the Kaffe Fassett corner fabric and the main fabric of the center would go well together, it seems to be quite striking.  I like it.

While I was looking at the first two rows of the quilt on the wall, I noticed that the 2nd block in the second row had been assembled incorrectly.  This is a problem I often have... sort of a dyslexia of the eyesight where I reverse parts of the block and notice it only weeks or months later.  I'm just happy that I noticed it now instead of after it had been put together... but it has to be taken apart.  Grrrr.....

The blue points should be facing the other way which will make a nice star around the center.  Tomorrow will be spent disassembling and re-sewing.

This is a picture of the wallhanging that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  It's lovely and I've hung it on the wall beside where I read.

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