Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Back to quilting

I've managed to do a little work on the Stars for a New Day center block. I made it initially in purple fabric with blue and dark pink sawtooths but wanted it more in the same color of the original quilt which was green. So I hunted and hunted and now I have enough green fabric to make as many middle stars as I want.... or need. I'll post some pictures so you can see that I'm actually getting something done on this quilt after not being able to for more than a month.

Tomorrow, if I have no interruptions, I will complete the January block and be able to start on the February block.... leaving me up to speed with only the March BOM to do. That will be perfect. Now if the stars will align so I can get it all done.

Liza's birthday party was wonderful. She got to watch The Bachelor finale, which turned out to be quite exciting because he initially proposed to Melissa, the cheerleader, then six weeks later he decided that he preferred Molly, the runner-up. Quite distracting but I suppose ABC was pleased with all the drama that was initiated by Jason's turn-around in affections. Richard made salmon with rhubarb sauce over rapini and it was delicious. We ate chocolate cupcakes for dessert and Richard conjured up some lovely, delicious Lemon Drops and Cosmos for Liza. Lovely evening.

Still no cable service at the cottage and Liza is getting impatient. It's been a month of silence over there with no internet service either. Comcast is to come out and set them up on the 10th... but who knows, they were supposed to have set them up today and cancelled at the last minute. So Wednesday it will be!

The phone Liza has been using ran out of minutes today and no one realized it so Madeleine was floating around all afternoon with no way of getting in touch with her mother. Liza couldn't figure out why she didn't call... the phone would ring but wouldn't allow an answer. I added 1000 minutes so that should keep them set for a while. I think Madeleine should have her own cell phone and will be looking into buying her one. She also needs a camera.... soup from her lunch messed up her's, through no fault of her own.

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